If you are seeking to have a great time in  Thika The Blend Lounge, Club and Restaurant is the Place to be. The Club is dived into various sections to fit various client preferences. There is an outdoor balcony area that has an exquisite view especially at night.

Club Blend Thika Town

There is a bar area that has several screens, the restaurant area is close to the kitchen/grill area. The club’s interior is exquisite and has a dance floor. The Blend Club is also a place where one can hold various celebrations such as birthdays and graduations. The Club plays different song genres each day of the week, there’s Reggae Monday, Hip-hop Tuesday, Ladies night on Wednesdays and Karaoke on Thursday. There is ample parking and security. The club is located in the CBD of Thika town thus convenient.

Over the weekends the Club hosts Various artists.The Blend creates a cool environment where you can chill and listen to the live Djs. The services are impeccable and the drinks are affordable. The Club security is very efficient, and keeps order in the club and throws out all troublemakers. The Club waiters Cater to the needs of the client. The Blend is a fun environment where you can unwind after a long weekend, or even during weekdays for an unforgettable time. While in Thika Town,The blend is the place to be.

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