Thika town is one of the fastest growing cities, with so many industries and institutions the town is very populated. During the day, it is a nice and quiet place. Come evening there’s a hustle and buzzle of people as they head home from a long busy day. One would think that the activities stop there, on the contrary the town seems to come to life during this time.

Klub Image is the best Place to unwind after a long tiresome day/week. It is the best Club in Thika. It is situated just a few Kilometers from the town Centre and can accommodate groups of revelers. Klub image has several sections: arestaurant, sports longue, mega disco with a VIP section, all take up 3 stories.

The Klub is spacious and thus can accommodate groups for celebrations such as Birthdays and graduation parties, drinks are available at an affordable price. Klub image has a well setup architectural design and is classy. Different activities go down on various days of the week. There’s Rhumba night on Wednesdays, Extreme Thursdays, Turn up Fridays, Light up Saturday and Rock Away Sundays for the Reggae lovers.

If you’ve never partied at Thika town, Klub Image should be your first stop.

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