Thika town is a small town but is overly populated. There is literally human traffic especially in the evening. Fridays are even more crowded as residents as well as revelers make their way to their favorite joints to drown their sorrows and stress from the week in the wee hours of the night. Various joints are tailor made to suit their clientele’s taste in the ever growing Thika town nightlife.

Thika Town Nightlife

The high end joints include Club 237,Porkies,blend and so on. Then there is the other clubs that attract cheap Commercial sex workers who charge as little as 200bob. Thika town is infested with such commercial workers from the neighboring regions such as Gatanga, Juja and so on. These commercial workers are mostly found at: Sky motel, sunset, Rwambogo and Fulilia. These clubs are within the CBD, along the main stage.

They attract village folks who come to unwind and blow their bonus from their tea/coffee plantations in Thika town. The ladies are seen flocking these clubs and some are even brave enough to approach the clients and offer them their “goodies”. The Commercial sex workers market is fast growing as the neighboring areas provide it with a constant supply of ladies.

The classy ones are found at the high end clubs are mostly students from the many learning institutions in Thika town and its environs. The weekends are the best time to visit Thika especially if one is outgoing and loves parties. These commercial sex workers are mostly found flocking the entrance of popular joints and are willing to give you the best experience, the prices are negotiable. If you’re looking to experience party life, Thika is the place to be.

The town seems to come to life at night, this is when there is the most activity as people enjoy a well deserved break after a long and cumbersome week. Thika Night life can only be experienced that those who love the thrill that life has to offer.

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