Making Love

Making Love: Best ways of making love like a pro.

Making love, or having sex, can mean different things to different people. It can mean a man putting his penis into a woman’s vagina. Or other things, such as masturbating your partner, oral sex, or anal sex. There are many ways to have sexual pleasure. In Kenya and Africa in general, lovemaking is only allowed for adults above 18 years of age. This is to protect the minors from what they have not larnt yet.

Lovemaking is an art that one has to learn through adults or experience will growing up us I got to know about sexual pleasure. Through Experience one can become a master in lovemaking, as you get to know your partner’s body sports for sexual stimulation.

Other ways of becoming a muster in making love are through Pornography. The modern-day Stimulation by porn has remained one of the best ways to practice and learn sex making moves and positions, how to fuck and sensitive body parts that would get you and your partner on making love for hot longer and wetter making love moods.


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I wish to join this group

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Hello, Mwinyi Kassm. we at would like additions to our team but would like to know about you and what you want to offer. this means pleas send your phone number so we can contact you.

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